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Recently, we introduced the grandiose track “Vapour Trails” by Grace Lightman to you. A very minimalistic song with honey dripping vocals layered over lush piano movements and some well orchestrated military percussion crescendo.

Today we have the opportunity to PREMIERE the Karl Max remix of the same track : “Vapour Trails”.


Another well crafted 5 minute beauty. Complete with rattling snare, keeping the silences, pauses and breaths between the lyrics. And of course the signature French horns. Karl Max is Will Ritson, whom you will have heard about if you read our musings religiously. He’s half the brotherly duo of Formation. The rising South London band everyone is talking about at the moment and mastermind behind the track “No Great Change”.

His take on “Vapour Trails” manages to deliver and picture an entirely new landscape while retaining the elegance and allure of the original. There’s clear Jon Hopkins influences and Clint Mansell scoring in this epic cinematic remix. A track perfectly fit for your daily sundowner/evening lounge listening.

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