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Grace Lightman used to front the band The Hypnotic Eye. She has since taken the solo road and today delivers a stunning debut with “Vapour Trails”. The track was co-written with Richard Walters, known for his great tunes with Liu Bei and produced by San Felu (aka Patrick from Liu Bei)

With “Vapour Trails”, Grace Lightman grabs your attention and never lets you go. Whether it be because of the honey dripping vocals she manages to belt over a delicate, yet lush piano or because of the subtle crescendo of those military drums ending in a firework of sorts. One thing is for sure, Grace Lightman scores high in our street-cred’o’meter and should remain a well sought after chanteuse for the coming months. We’re already looking forward to her next track. And maybe even early tour date in Paris ? Who knows…

In the mean time do follow her musings on Twitter and download the debut track below (after listening of course). Enjoy !

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