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We knew we had come across a really special voice when Grace Lightman first released her stunning debut “Vapour Trails” a little while back. So, naturally, when she drops a mind-blowing cover of traditional folk song “Black Is The Colour” featuring the delicate expertise of William Harvey and Maddie Cutter from Parallax Orchestra, it’s with great pleasure we take the moment to share it with you.

Lightman lays her now distinctive signature vocals on a track many artists have previously covered from Nina Simone to Paul Weller. Packed with emotional outbreaks, the cello strings by Maddie Cutter for added darkness and the genius behind the silent breaks Grace Lightman shows off her striking vocal abilities and masterful piano skills.

Recorded live at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, the track blends shaky piano lines, majestic strings, and that voice – so instantly recognisable amongst millions – the same one that has made Grace Lightman what she is now and the future direction she’s heading towards. With this released cover, she’s also embarking on a string of live dates, obviously, if you’re in the area, PLEASE DO NOT MISS HER…

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