KID WISE : live in Paris !

KiD WiSE is an up-and-coming group on it’s way to become the very new LESCOP and the darlings of the Parisian music scene. Having extensively toured the Toulouse region and been featured in our #Flashmoblogging event on the first of January as well as many other cyber-outlets and famous Inrockuptibles magazine. This brilliant 5-piece ensemble (includes a belgian violin), led by charismatic Augustin Charnet, the heart of the project, is going to perform live in Paris on two occasions.

  • KiD WISE – Kid [audio:]
  • KiD WISE – La Sagesse [audio:]

And we cannot stress enough how much these guys rock and will blow your mind off, see for yourself with this 11 minute long PEPLUM-esque live rendition of “Funeral” :

Make sure you get your arses down for their live debut in the french capital (Paris) as these guys will rise, rise more and never stop rising…

March 16th 2013

@ l’International, Paris. (w/NOIR CŒUR)


March 17th 2013

for a special DJ set (secret location)

Kid Wise live in Paris -


We can only strongly recommend you name your price on this beautiful “La Sagesse” EP :

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