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The band I’m about to introduce today come from Perth, in Australia. A territory I hold dear for their effervescent and active music scene. Whether they come from the east coast or the west, down to the Melbourne or Adelaide region. Each corner of the mammoth “countrynent” seems to breew really fine and interesting music. From Vallis Alps (Canberra) to CLN recently (from Brisvegas aka Brisbane) the resources / choices seem endless. Giving a clear indication of how healthy the culture is in said country.

So, with that in mind I introduce GRRL PAL today, from the western coast of Australia. They just dropped an email today and were discovered by Fréé Anckaert on HumanHuman a hell a long time ago, close to 2 years in fact.

GRRL PAL have just dropped “Nerve”, the latest single from their upcoming EP due for release in August this year.

GRRL PAL are Danny K, on production duties and Jay Lekkat on vocals. They rightfully draw much comparison with acts like Cults, Grimes, and Crystal Castles. However the inspiration for “Nerve” came from unlikely duos and relationships found while binge-watching kid movies such as Home Alone or Finding Nemo. The song was born right there and then.

The duo has a steady stream of tracks to come, releasing a single a month before their EP. They’ve also just touchdown home after spending a working year abroad with producer Parker Ighile who worked with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to name just two ! Basically, expect some quality tunes over the coming weeks and a well crafted EP for August.

Keep a close eye on this outfit from Perth, Australia ! And download their track “Nerve” for free ! And make absolutely sure you listen to the entire discography on their Soundcloud profile and we’ve added a few of these track below for your convenience :

Follow GRRL PAL on : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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