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British beatsmith Maths Time Joy is another one to be watching very closely this year. If you’re into people of the caliber of Mount Kimbie or Kaytranada, you will definitely bask in total bliss with the new EP ‘Sactuary’ he’ll be releasing on May 25th (next Monday… Pre-order now on iTunes).

Timothy James Worthington, from Kent and is based in London. He has invited some real dope talent to join him and add real sensual, soulful and overly good vocals on a bunch of his jams. He dropped three of them so far, and as we were listening we couldn’t help but share straight away.

“After Hour” is a standout track for sure. And that’s probably because Flores (from Norway), adds the crazy good “je ne sais quoi” to that already stellar track by Maths Time Joy, listen instead :

It’s as if we were taken on a soft cotton cloud, just floating around the coolest urban landscape… with your best friends around… Some tasty drinks and grubs to go along and never stop… Traveling ever so effortlessly from neighborhood to neighborhood. And it could work in practically every city out there so long you all the right ingredients for the perfect moment.

Want a perfect track for a late evening in sunshine, around a makeshift BBQ or alongside a canal, you’ll fall for these three tracks. No doubt.

Maths Time Joy has already made splashes with plenty of groovy remixes for artists like Toro Y Moi, Electric Youth but most recently managed to score production duties for Gallant, whom we posted about earlier in the month…

Keep a close eye, that’s all I’ll say. He’s gonna be mammoth in the weeks to come.

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