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Hello readers ! As always, we like to interact with you. You have made this blog/website by visiting ever so regularly, you have made it possible for us to provide day in, and day out with the possibility to be at the forefront of the music scene here in Paris by providing us with your feedback, comments, and general support. By visiting this website in the thousands each week and making Sodwee.com a reliable source for new music and a quality, ad-free pit-stop for the music hungry ones amongst you. All of you in fact. Today we’re taking things a little further. We want you to shape the website and be part of the success. We’ve just recently come to grips with a new social network supported by Twitter.

It’s called Periscope, and as many of you might already know, we’ve been active users of the platform for a few weeks now. Getting to grips with the ins, and the outs. We actually love the power it gives to share with people, in real-time, the moments we go through. And many of them are actual pretty awesome moments.

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Writing this website, has given us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, artists, key players in the music industry at large. We got to see some real defining moments in the music world. Birth of superstars, key players in the business, and got to experience many moments in young artists’ blossoming careers. And all of that was largely due to you. So thank you for your unconditional support so far.

We’d like to take it a step further, hence this long post. We’re fervent believers in sharing the cultural wealth in as many (legally viable) ways possible and found that blogging about what we love was the best way to achieve that.

We’re taking a step further today with the advent of live-streaming. As we roam the streets, and venues around Paris (France), we found the importance of sharing moments with you, absolutely essential and relevant to the body of our “work”. Specially when Paris, is fast re-inventing itself as a cultural hub and becoming an unmissable place for artists and bands from around the world to embrace their art, and share with the world. Despite an obvious language barrier, despite it’s recent lull in that field. We feel that Paris, France has regained it’s noble and rightful spot in the music world it had once lost.

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So this is a good time for us to remind you we’re also quite active on many different social media networks and invite you to follow our musings and the newly added Periscope network.

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