New Music: GRRL PAL – Caught by the Light

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With a catchy synth-pop beats and an angelic voice, Australian duo GRRL PAL is here to your ears on an extra terrestrial ride. “Caught by the Light” is a journey that goes way higher than cloud nine thanks to Jay Lekat‘s saccharine vocals and Danny K‘s complex production. Think of what traveling on a light beam may feel like. There’s a bed of addicting bass lines keeps you safe, high-pitched claps to direct you and sweet grooves that wow you along the way. “Caught by the Light” is a never ending story.

GRRL PAL is definitely here to stay. And we’re not just saying that because of this interstellar track. Best pals, Danny K and Jay Lekat, have been releasing a song about every month, a creative decision that can often see its up and downs, but their newest track “Caught by the Light” is no let down.

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Last modified: December 14, 2015

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