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Pull out your emergency cigarette because this track by april is a sizzling cover that sounds like a brand new song. Crossing the borders of emotions new and old, “hotline 23” is a slow jazz influenced remix, sung, mixed and arranged by the vocalist herself. It’s the best of all musical worlds too because you’ll never hear Stwo, Ciara, Drake and Kehlani in an intimate chill-zone like this again. The more you listen, the more april‘s the brilliance shines (and props to Morgan Matthews, who provided the instrumentals). There’s layers and depth that will keep that cigarette lit all night.

Accompanied by the amazing vocals of the mysterious april, “hotline 23” brings a furry of sensuality and warmth. When this song first played on our Soundcloud stream, it was a great background track for a slow, relaxed night in. We even played this track for an intense board game night and everyone in the room sat up and released a collective, “What?”

We got in touch with april and discovered that she’s a 23 year old singer based in Seoul, which gives more meaning to her ad libbed lines. While she’s only doing music part-time at the moment, she’s got skills that are all perfectly showcased in “hotline 23.” We’re looking forward to hearing her original songs soon. Ready to wind down? Hit play.


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