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DREAD [Fearful or anxious anticipation/A source of fear, awe, or reverence]: This angst-fuelled track plays around with the experience of becoming numb and indifferent to things once important. ‘Dread’ recurs as a mantra throughout the course of the song, thus putting emphasis on the unstoppable hankering after something new and exciting. The eerie feelings of craving and apathy are presented hauntingly through a poetic narrative that is delicately cloaked in a mantle of minimal, yet soothing electronic music.

Cue MIA – “Borders”

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Under The Sun

For Fans Of : Its an immediate winner that retains DIIV’s trademark sound. Under The Sun will be newest single from upcoming album Is the Is Are due out via Captured Tracks on  February 5, 2016
From : Brooklyn, United States


For Fans Of : BANKS, Neptunes for the production. This is LL.’s debut track, produced by Eclectic (Little Simz, Etta Bond, Daley)
From : ???

Free HiFi Internet

For Fans Of : Signed to DEEWEE, the label founded by Soulwax earlier this year.
From : Ghent (studio recording) / Brazil, London and Italy.

A Band Called Success
Start A Feeling

For Fans Of : LEISURE
From : Auckland, New Zealand.


For Fans Of : A heavier, more bass driven KERO KERO BONITO style delivery.
From : Dublin, Ireland


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Last modified: December 15, 2015

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