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Meet Guantanamo Baywatch. For Fans of The Cramps, this Portland, Oregon three-piece dynamite has been around for quite some time now, in fact since 2008, as a duo and has only made it to our gentle ears recently through Dirtnap Records as a trio. We absolutely love them. Their punk, sleazy, dirteyy attitude. This is excitment. If they ever come close to where you might be dwelling. GET ON A STUBB PRONTO and go see those lunatics live. I know I’d do.

Portland’s campy, trampy trio Guantanamo Baywatch would be like having a space-mix of some Cramps, Trashmen along with added flava from Johny Burnett R&B. Resulting in this slimey, sweaty sexed up stage presence that has made the band famous all around North America. Band members include Jason Powell, Chevelle Wiseman and Chris Scott. We’ve got some quality tunes for you to download right here, enjoy :

Download : Guantanamo Baywatch – Love This Time  Download : Guantanamo Baywatch – Boomerenga 

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