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All photo credits go to Sophie Jarry, whom we cannot thank enough for providing us with those exquisite live pictures throughout the festival. She totally delivered and braved the high decibels of some acts to bring back a close insider look into what went down during the event that took place last weekend in Paris. Hope you enjoy them and recount the good times like we did ! And please go ahead and follow her her online profiles :

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[title subtitle=”by Sophie Jarry”]The Pictures[/title]

[title subtitle=”Friday, November 2nd”]Review[/title]

Friday evening shenanigans started off with Petit Fantôme whom we had featured a few weeks earlier in a Sundaze and extensively played on web-radio Radiovnl.fr with Thomas. They sure know how to get an audience warmed up and going. With slightly more people from the beginning compared to day one. This bank holiday Friday certainly did good for beer sales and average festival goers mood and alcoholic intakes. The result was a more diverse crowd ready to get down to the floor with some kick-arse music. My eardrums are STILL suffering from the set Deafheaven treated us to. They do live up to their band name. That’s a given. But the venue was shaking with sound waves bouncing off those glass and iron facades. I’ll describe what I managed to make of those sounds in word word : Gutsy. Hellfest-esque.

However things got better. MUCH, MUCH BETTER in fact. We absolutely loved Jagwar Ma‘s amazing performance. Having moved slot later in the evening (Because Ariel Pink cancelled last minute). This Aussie ensemble really took advantage of the full attention the audience was into. They delivered a stellar set with instant classics and finishing with “The Throw”… Turning the venue upside down and getting them into a more appropriate gear for what was to come next…

Disclosure made a brief appearance at the Rough Trade table for a signing session and could easily blend into this crowd and go un-noticed. Indeed the British brothers looked like any other Brit in attendance, Pitchfork Music Festival is reknowned worldwide and remains an international event, even by Parisian standards. 75% of the festival goers are actually foreign. And can come as far as Australia or even New-Zealand to catch a glimpse of their favorite act. It makes up for a very heteroclite crowd ranging from 16 to 60-ish (it’s only a guess). However their headlining set stole the show on Friday. With a killer light show, they sure did win everyones favors. Playing classic UK hits “White Noise”, featuring AlunaGeorge or even “Help Me Lose My Mind” featuring London Grammar. They played a live set right through.. Amazing atmosphere to close the night on a high. The crowd went wild, ape shit ! We absolutely digged it.

By the end of the night we were totally wacked. It’s a music marathon, its non-stop. And I made the conscious decision not to drink too much either. So every side-effect of the festival my frail body had to take in first hand. Unlike the rest of the teeny-tweenies hovering aimlessly looking for Molly (…). Some of them so desperate, all they actually did was going round and round the pillars holding up the structure of the venue. A fun sight. A real fun sight to witness. This guy was way out !

[title subtitle=””]Best of the Rest[/title]

  • Danny Brown
  • Connan Mockcassin
  • Colin Stetson
  • Warpaint

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