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It has been a few moments too long since we’ve touched base on Charlotte Adigéry‘s progress on this blog. Indeed we wrote a few words back in 2018 and saw a couple of her live shows here in Paris before we had to stay at home for 2020. Today, the brilliant Charlotte Adigéry is back with brand new material in the form of “Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)”. A new track all about the past year we all went through especially recording/touring artists.

Listen to “Bear With Me…” by Charlotte Adigéry:

Bolis [Pupul, Adigéry’s partner] and I are storytellers, writing observational tales about the strange world we all inhabit. This song is about being confined thus confronted to the way we live. The cruel irony of having the privilege of standing still, questioning, and observing my life in all safety while others are fighting for theirs. Bolis and I are making a time capsule, writing songs that tell the story of life in 2020. We believe 2020 has been such a cornerstone for the 21st century.

Charlotte Adigéry says of the new single to The Line Of Best Fit.

“Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)” makes for anticipated, brand new material from Charlotte Adigéry. In the meantime, you can head on and pre-save DEEWEE’s (Soulwax’s very own record label) “Foundations” compilation (out May 7th) to find more delicious tracks like Charlotte Adigéry‘s…

Make sure you take great care of yourselves out there and do not sleep on these great tracks by Charlotte Adigéry. We’ve selected a few faves in our Passport_ section below for your consideration along with previous articles we deemed worthy of your attention… Happy listening and again, keep good care of your health.

Charlotte Adigéry - Bear With Me - Sodwee.com

Bear With Me (and I’ll Stand Bare Before You)
by Charlotte Adigéry

out now via DEEWEE.


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