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Charlotte Adigery‘s new track “Paténipat” is a hypnotic number that will have you hooked to its mesmerizing drumline that spearheads the whole composition like a an unstoppable train rolling down the tracks at full speed. Interspersed with Charlotte Adigéry’s (a.k.a. WWWater) linear vocal dollops that I have real difficulty trying to decipher (because they’re sung in Creole). The track is a winning combo that we cannot help but share with you today after the equally brilliant track “Screen” she dropped a few weeks ago. Get on the bandwagon now. Or miss out on some truly dope music for your earholes.

“Patenipat” is part of a batch of new material from the forthcoming Zandoli EP Charlotte Adigery has put together and due to be released early next year, as soon as February 8th in fact.

“Paténipat” is available now via DEEWEE fronted by the famous brotherly duo Soulwax .


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