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It’s Pitchfork week, halloween week, and a whole new things happening in Paris this week. We’re uber-busy too. But I’ll give you an update later. So here’s the Sundaze #72 you’ve anxiously been waiting for, packed with some of the sickest beats around on the internets. A lot of tracks from the UK, obviously, and many more artists we’d like you to discover.  We’re super happy to have Paul Grelet on the cover design for #72 and can’t be more happy with this week’s direction….


(check out his brilliant work here : www.paulgrelet.com) and go forth with the downloading of SUNDAZE #72

As always, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the best new tracks around as we carry on digging during the week… You’ll get prime cut on the awesomeness we come across and generally speaking, BE THE COOL KID ON THE BLOCK. Go ahead and download the dollops of awesomeness right now :

Sundaze #72

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