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Well. I’d never thought for one second I’d be serving over 17,700 mp3s in such a short period of time. Many of those downloads are ZIP files with over a dozen tracks too ! So I’m going to celebrate at 25,000 and see what I can offer !

Le_Raver - BrOken (May Promo Mix)

But before I dish out all the cool links and downloads, please do let me introduce once again my good friend from Dubai, a DJ/producer born and bred in Mauritius He’ talented and will get behind some prestigious and coveted dj booth pretty soon me thinks. So here’s is latest mix (it’s is very dancefloor) and you could easely play this tune at your house parties (you can download the whole woooha right below)

BrOken (May Promo Mix) by EspacePrive

[download id=”184″]

Right, let’s move on. Next up. CHROMEO. You might think I’ve blogged about that Israelo-Palestinian duo before, and you’d be absolutely right about that. But these two are agitating the blogosphere once again because they have re-worked on their track “Hot Mess” from their latest release “Business Casual”.
And it is something else. They have invited La Roux – you know, “bulletproof ginger head with a rock Banana for a hair do” – and let me get that track playing (it’s in fact a the radio1 rip from Annie Mac’s show) because I totally diiiiiiggggggg that re-work ! It’s just Blissss, disco/funk/pop-synth galore !

Chromeo ft. La Roux- Hot Mess by Sodwee

That’s about it for today ! Quite a mouthful considering…

And finaly the whole shabang!

[download id=”183,184″]

SDW016 is now available for download in it’s entirety as a ZIP File or via soundcloud with a cap set at 100 downloads per track !! Enjoy!

SDW016 – Oldies from the Nineties ! by Sodwee

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    I have added you on my Blogroll. Kindly, Can you do just the same, please?


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