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Signalling their return, PLGRMS drop a dark-pop electronic and synth-driven banger named ‘Dream You Up’ today. The australian duo have had a slick string of releases since their humble beginnings on track ‘Pieces’ over a year ago and proved time and time again with the following tracks that they had absolutely nailed the electronic-pop genre, as dark as it may sound. This time around, it comes across as darker, even moodier. From Jonathan’s slick production style to the impressive vocal scope and reach of Jacob’s delivery you’ll be experiencing a wide array of sensory states. Just as you would within a dream. Take a listen and react in the comment section further down. Do not forget to follow them on their social profiles and be up to date with their musings.

The dreams, I remember my dreams…

Jacob Pearson from the band explains the lyrics from the single:

When there’s mystery behind something or someone, it’s so interesting and intriguing. By nature we just can’t help ourselves and want to find out what it is. It’s the anticipation and the thrill of what we don’t understand. I’ve gone through it, but when you unveil the truth, the magic just disappears. So, it’s about stopping yourself from understanding it completely, so that thrill can hang around a bit longer.

PLGRMS, release their new single ‘Dream You Up’, via London-based label 0E0E Records.

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