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It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what I come to like in artists’ material, what made me feel alive about such or such track. That non-descript feeling came sweeping through upon listening to Will Morgan‘s debut EP ‘Telopea’. A four track ‘pot-pourri’ of musical wonders, from beautifully arranged electronic ballads like ‘Beauty In Sound’, to piano led numbers and the club-ready tune ‘Float’ All of which will transport your senses exactly where you didn’t expect them to take you.

Will Morgan, a 23 year old, London-based but originally from Sydney, Australia, is a newcomer to the scene and has been working for the better part of the last year on this mature, detailed and honest project called ‘Telopea’. Named after the name of his native New South Wales state flower.

The song writing that seamlessly flows from the soundsystem is pretty flawless, drenched with deep lyrics that will inevitably recall Will’s contemporaries such as Jeff Buckley or Rufus Wainwright blended over delicately delivered electronic elements that undoubtedly take from the classics such as Radiohead and to another extent Nicolas Jaar. Morgan is classically trained so he pens most of his tracks simply with his voice and piano before turning them into fully-fledged pop magic extravaganza once he goes through the studio.

You can listen to the debut EP ‘Telopea’ below and follow his online estates further down. Will Morgan will have plenty more to offer in the coming months. So do not despair, there’ll be more in the pipeline soon. Enjoy the tracks.

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