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The first box that the artist from West London VC Pines checked as we played his new single “Smoke Without Fire” out today (February 3rd, 2021) was his distinct vocal timbre and tone. A unique projection of nuances and arrangements that we couldn’t help but fail to replicate miserably as I listened on. Beyond the vocal abilities, VC Pines or Jack Mercer on street-level does build on songwriting prowess a creative thirst that is showcased here in full.

When times are good and open for touring, VC Pines likes to travel with a 7-piece band to give that special live performance only bands can give. Taking cues from his musical upbringing and his inclination for Motown and punk/post-punk sounds that undoubtedly poke through on “Smoke Without Fire”.

Listen to VC Pines’ track “Smoke Without Fire”:

Speaking about the new single VC Pines explains:

“Smoke without fire is about hearing various rumours and not knowing whether or not to believe them, but being sure that rumours wouldn’t have started without some kind of spark – ‘No smoke without fire’. “

VC Pines? you might be asking yourself? How?:

“I wasn’t aware that I had chromesthesia until I was 19. I thought that’s how everyone’s brains worked. But once I knew what it was, that’s when I tried to use it as a tool. If I think of a number or a letter, or I’m working on a song or a particular chord sequence, colour appears in my head. My favourite tunes that I’ve written, or songs that I tend to like, are usually purple or violet in colour. The pines section of my name comes from some nostalgic episodes or feelings of déjà vu that I used to have. I don’t remember it, but my parents took me to New Hampshire in the US when I was a kid and they had all these massive pine trees. I was remembering a lot of that and I didn’t really know where it was coming from. So, that’s where Violet Coloured – or VC – Pines came from.”


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