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You will forgive my deviation in sharing the existence of such a band the second you hit play on their very new (3 days since it was posted on Soundcloud) track by London based trio called KERO KERO BONITO. I mark my words, because Sarah, Gus and Jamie manage the impossible : singalong to what is, essentially, a J-pop (Japanese pop) tune, turned into a fusion heavy electronic, hiptastic, colourful and dancefloor-ready bubbleteen 90’s club anthem for responsible adults. Bringing in influences from the widest array of sources yet. The South London band is already taking the internet and have already signed with Double Denim Records for the reissue of their “Intro Bonito” Mixtape due out on the 25th of August.

It’s often said, I should get some girly hobbies instead

You will find yourselves playing their tracks on repeat. Thousands of times. It’s an understatement really. the Kawaii prone lyrics, whole universe behind the beats, and the simple cuteness of it all makes for the perfect “Back2Shcool” chart-topper. It’s a real fun offering, with undoubtedly high synchronisation probability with popular mobile phone adverts in the coming weeks as well as soundtrack duties to future fashion shows. Think of it as a audiophonic Tumblr blend of multiple genres of music surrounded by a Pink halo. My comparison does not do it justice though, until you play their tunes…

[title subtitle=”from their upcoming Intro Bonito Mixtape out August 25th”]KERO KERO BONITO[/title]

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Debut mixtape Intro Bonito is out August 25 via Double Denim.

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