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Things are just starting to calm down here in Paris (France), not because of… but rather like every other year, at this winter period. No one actually dares to wonder outside, it’s way too demanding. Roaming at large in the open bitingly fresh weather that graces the City Of Lights. Let alone under heavy a downpour can be, understandably, very challenging . This current state of inactiveness amongst fellow citizens brings one things to mind: What will the following year be like in terms of music ? What artist do we think will breakthrough in 2016, what band will rip their fly-cases in the early days of two-thousand and sixteen ? Like every year, since the birth of this blog, I have dodged any attempt at coming up with Year-End-Lists (YEL‘s, for the hipsters deep down in you) quite superbly. Instead of providing a never-ending mouthful of tracks, albums and EPs that we might of liked during the past year, we’d like to focus on a few well-picked, thoughtful and above all, a reasonable list of awesome artists, magical bands and wizards in the making for next year !

Think of this list as a music blog version of the much talked about and decisive BBC SOUND OF 2016 Short list of sorts.

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[title maintitle=”FUTURE SOUND #2016″ subtitle=”ONES TO WATCH – TOGGLE FOR MORE INFO BELOW”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”FORMATION”]

Matt & Will Ritson form the South London duo Formation (brothers, IRL) and managed to snag a record deal with Meno Records earlier in the year. After fiddling with all the right strings and warming up on a first European Tour, including pro-eminent festivals across the UK and mainland Europe. They have already released a debut EP called “Life Goes On” to much of the blogosphere’s frenzy ! We are glad to relay the fact that Formation is set to rock the winter stages all across Europe once again as they hit the road in support of their second EP named “Under the Tracks”, also produced by Leon Vynehall from Brighton (UK), no less.

“All The Rest Is Noise” is the first single to be released in anticipation of the second official released. But was once on a white label pressing before they had signed and wasn’t complete with Vynehall’s housy golden touch of course. It was our favourite track of that release. And still is our favourite track so far by the band… Listen to the dopeness instead[/tab] [tab title=”SAMPA THE GREAT”]

Listening to Sampa The Great‘s really dope mixtape ‘The Great Mixtape’ just confirms one thing : Here’s a brilliant artist with a flow like no other and poised sensibilities. Also blessed with a calm attitude, Azealia Banks could very well learn from! With inspiration from Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and the likes. “The Great Mixtape” is the wobble Australia needs to turn over their hip hop scene. And put some great talent forward in this field. Sampa was born in Zambia on the African continent and is now based out of Sydney and signed to Melbourne’s very own Wondercore Island label. Follow her musings on the interwebs and listen to this very soulful voice/lyrics…
[/tab] [tab title=”GEORGE COSBY”]

Written by George Cosby and produced by Duncan Mills, “Vacant Grace” recalls another out of this world singer/songwriter we absolutely love : Antony Hegarty. That tone and timbre in his voice is surreal and you must listen…. George Cosby is from London (UK), has already publicly released two tracks via Soundcloud. The brilliant “Ritual Blush” was his debut. To quite a ruckus from the music blogosphere as you would expect. He performed for Burberry Acoustic and their AW15 fashion show…[/tab] [tab title=”HER”]

The french band HER, that dropped their instant classic summer tune a few weeks ago has now put the video treatment to their debut track “Quite Like” upon the masses. It’s a sensual/sexual face-to-face live on words with a beautiful creature. A top-model it seems, set in a vacant apartment in Paris and directed by the good people at Partizan. This video is sure to make your blood flow increase significantly. Add some blissful weather and a heatwave, and you have the perfect recipe for disastrous consequences :[/tab] [tab title=”LEISURE”]

New Zealand’s very own Leisure (the band) have been on every respectable blog, everyone’s legit musical radar after two sizzling tracks in the name of “Got It Bad” and “Hot Love“…(click through to read about these two tracks)… Today, they released two other follow up tracks and reinforce the idea that New Zealand, is one of the hot-bed of new interesting music, nod to Australia, and the UK too. Saiko Management (LORDE, Thomston) knows how to nurture such talent. And consistantly manage to deliver top notch acts, with addictive track to boot. Listen to these other two tracks from the mystery band, no-more, below.[/tab] [tab title=”LISS”]

You will love the whole vibe of the track. Don’t let your visual senses be fooled. It’s not your usual Syco-One Direction type of boy-band. This is a truly special occurrence in a saturated tween market. Liss have that edgy danish feel, complete well produced sound. Backed by seasoned musicianship, the four gentlemen all played in previous bands even though they’re still high schoolers. Søren Holm, the lead singer will have you hooked a mere minute into their first single. They’ve got famous Rodaidh McDonald on production duties (he worked with The xx, Adele, How To Dress Well amongst others).[/tab] [tab title=”TENDER”]

The debut EP, Armour, from London duo called TENDER made of long time friends James and Dan, is a huge one, specifically true of their perfectly built track Belong. The lyrics and composition on this are just to die for and a influenced by acts such as Caribou, Air, The National and Tame Impala. You will like the pristine sound, the keys and the soft-sailing vocals on the whole EP… “A duo. Lifelong friends. Operating out of a bedroom studio in a North London basement. Dark Grooves with room to breathe. In their own words : Belong is about a self destructive individual that is fully aware of their flaws. They can’t accept being wanted or being responsible for someone else’s emotions, yet relies on the very thing they fear to limit bringing physical and emotional harm the themselves.[/tab] [tab title=”JONES”]

Sodwee.com HQ is more than thrilled to re-Introduce you to JONES. The London-based singer-songwriter briefly appeared in 2014 with two tracks before holing up and putting herself to work with a wide spectrum of producers including A.K. Paul (Jai Paul‘s own talented brother), XL’s recording’s in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald and newcomer Brunelle (on “Deep”), artist Raffertie (on “Indulge”), and alt-pop mastermind A. K. Paul (on You).[/tab] [tab title=”OYSTER KIDS”]

Well well well, after hanging around quite some time, it is now time to rejoice at the fact that Oyster Kids have finally premiered and released their debut single named “Creepy” with brio via our blogging fellow Jarri at Disco Naiveté. If you’ve been reading our music blog for a few weeks already, you probably came across the Kiwi band named Leisure (here also). Well, Oyster Kids have a similar UV inflicted / unprotected skin about the sound and we’re happy to be amongst some of the first french based blogs to publish the first offering of the duo.

Hit play, and dip your lips in that dope awesomeness of this Los Angeles duo. Delivering hauntingly beautiful melodies, with dark and driving grooves.[/tab] [tab title=”MABEL”]

Mabel, a 19 year old new coming artist and songwriting talent, born in Malaga (Spain) but mostly raised in Sweden and Britain to rather influential parents, namely : pop duchess Neneh Cherry, and Bristol’s Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey. She has just premiered her debut track “Know Me Better”, and now she plans to smuggle her contraband (another far flung reference ?*) and brilliant tracks round the world. One track at a time. It’s quite the brilliant R&B, the kind we totally dig here at Sodwee.com, influenced by the 90’s golden nuggets such as Destiny’s Child, and more recently Jhené Aiko.[/tab] [tab title=”LOS PORCOS”]

Forward thinking Cracki Records (Parisian label) are releasing a wonderful EP today, happily named Porco Mio, by uber-group sensation Los Porcos. The band is an amalgam of WU LYF, Ménage à Trois and FAMY group members based, for most of them, in Manchester, United Kingdom. Offering a sunny spell, cutting through the thickness of today’s grey clouds with a lighthearted sound, and brilliantly composed, guitar-led, five track EP that we can only recommend. They joined forces 2 years ago and already performed at the best Southern festival in France (Midi, I feel you) before going under the radar for a while. Sporadically uploading a track and then going in the studio I guess to put some tunes down for this release named Porco Mio[/tab] [tab title=”BON VOYAGE ORGANISATION”]

Bon Voyage Organisation is an ever-shifting constellation of musicians led by Paris-based producer and bass player Adrien Durand. Their first record was recorded using a very academic house music setup consisting of an eight-track cassette recorder, a drum machine, a cheap analog synthesiser and an even cheaper sampler. “BVO is basically my way of learning how to work in the studios in a late-70s / early-80s setup – and on a 2010 budget,” Durand says. This results in the best kitschy beats you’ve heard in a long long while.[/tab] [tab title=”ABHI//DIJON”]

It’s blissful music all the way through. Dijon Duenas and Abhi Raju, the two guys behind the project are from Ellicott City in the United States and are promised for big things this year 2016. So keep a close eye and listen to Jon B pronto…[/tab] [tab title=”PUMAROSA”]

Priestess has this E P I C N E S S to the track. Pumarosa is just plenty of sweet, sweet dollops, in your earholes. Courtesy of Antoine V-M (thanks for the suggestion mate !!) Catch up quick, to not miss your train here, she’s going to blow up. Pumarosa has already been remixed by a certain SHURA !…[/tab] [tab title=”CAANDIDES”]

Caandides takes a real pride in non-conformism to the norm in our music scene here in France. It moving structure where musicians and graphic artists collaborate, on a perpetual need for new creative alleys, moving in a constraint space where actors, and factors are often miles away from a common, clear goal. Caadides have recently signed to Cracki Records and are about to drop their debut album in early 2016 (more like January…)[/tab] [/tabgroup]

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