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The Breeze, is a young French speaking, coldwave, electronic and shoegaze band out with a second EP called “Riviera” on April 14th . They have secured some opening gigs with FAUVE and Stuck in The Sound. All of this before officially releasing their “Riviera” EP at Nouveau Casino, in Paris, along with Converse on the 24th.

From Bordeaux, France. Home of the sharpest shoegaze / new-wave renaissance in this country spearheaded by Be Quiet and closely followed by tweens like Northod gathering in the same studios I introduce you to The Breeze. A four piece band with plenty of ambient synth layers and this time, they impressed us with their lyrics in French with dark and tortured instrumentals with clever synths in place to lighten their obscur and powerful music. Etienne Duteil on vocals, guitar, Gaëtan Arhuero on Guitars, Violin and vocals, Francis Bardiès on the Bass, Synths and behing the drums/beat section of the fourtet headed by Matei Convard.

[infobox bg=”blue” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”
22.03 Le Krakatoa Mérignac, France
31.03 Iboat Bordeaux, France
12.04 El Chicho Bordeaux, France
24.04 Le Nouveau Casino Paris, France
18.06 Place de la Victoire Bordeaux, France”]Tour dates[/infobox]

Having heard the upcoming EP in full, I can safely say you’re in for a special treat. It’s eargasms at every keynote… The Breeze is a band with immense potential, against all odds. A force of nature, that won’t leave your senses untouched. Their dark-pop is growing on me like an obsessive addiction.

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