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Over a year ago we introduced SILVA de Souza hailing from Vitória in Brazil to the world and beyond. We were so pleased to find a new Brazilian newcomer to the sizzling MPB scene and a promising act to the industry over there that we’ve kept a close eye on his development since. Today, yet again, and after a year of touring, making new ever important contacts across the world, it seems SILVA dropped a wonder of an album : “Vista Pro Mar“. Overnight this talented singer becomes a statement to the great music emanating from Brazil and the aura of it will burn border and Silva De Souza (his civil name) will be making waves worldwide, we can assure that, it’s a winner.

Our faves from SILVA’S – Vista Pro Mar EP:

A cross between SOHN, James Blake with a more organic, less electronic summer feel to its composition and allure, “Vista Pro Mar” will definitely conquer your craving of sun, sea, sand and exotic travel experiences. Singing along is easy even if you do not speak any portuguese, perfect musical background and that easy listening vibe to any of your “Apéros” I give you SILVA – Vista Pro Mar, already supported by international publications such as Rolling Stone BR, and many many blogs around the world, including ours. Approved it is, Spun it was, timeless it will remain. Listen above… Direto de Paris, com muito carinho !

SILVA - Vista pro Mar - Album Pictures - Sodwee.com

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