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Mabel, a 19 year old new coming artist and songwriting talent, born in Malaga (Spain) but mostly raised in Sweden and Britain to rather influential parents, namely : pop duchess Neneh Cherry, and Bristol’s Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey. She has just premiered her debut track “Know Me Better”, and now she plans to smuggle her contraband (another far flung reference ?*) and brilliant tracks round the world. One track at a time. It’s quite the brilliant R&B, the kind we totally dig here at Sodwee.com, influenced by the 90’s golden nuggets such as Destiny’s Child, and more recently Jhené Aiko.

Not to mention, but I think you’ve guessed, the lady had her fair share of music at home from a very early age. Which brings us to “Know Me Better”… The first track she wanted to put out, and a statement to those interested in what she does. Gibe her first track the spin it deserves. And hear what the rage is all about.

When you first get to know someone you don’t want to let that person see your weaknesses, but in a way you’ve not really shown them your whole self until they’ve seen the rough edges…

via Fader

*Mabel Walker Willebrandt (May 23, 1889 – April 6, 1963), popularly known to her contemporaries as the First Lady of Law, was the U.S. Assistant Attorney General from 1921 to 1929, handling cases concerning violations of the Volstead Act, federal taxation, and the Bureau of Federal Prisons during the Prohibition Era.

Mabel unveils debut track, “Know Me Better”

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