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NOW. THEN. Dear readers, brace yourselves to be overwhelmed by Seinabo Sey. The young singer-songwriter born in Stockholm (Sweden), drops her anticipated debut album titled “Pretend” today. We have been following the genuinely kind, absolutely amazing lady, since she dropped her first track way back in 2014 and saw the shy -at the time- live performance at Les Inrocks festival in Paris last year… Since, Seinabo Sey has been gathering some steady/heavy backing from all sides of the music industry. Breaking records in every possible continent. This is definately her year. With plenty more to be served fresh out of the oven for 2016.

Here’s the tracklist from her debut album “Pretend”. There’s all kinds of massive hits on this album, some have even tried to push “Pistols At Dawn” as a serious contender for the next James Bond Theme… One thing is for sure, this is instant classic material, an album to own physically. Vinyl, Cd, Deluxe Gold Vinyl … You name it, Seinabo is worth having in your collection. Seriously, she’s so talented I can’t even find my words.

Sophie met up with Seinabo Sey backstage after her performance at Rock En Seine 2015 Festival (Paris), on a very sunny afternoon (see video snippet below). We anticipated this big release, and pro-actively got in touch so we could secure a meet for you guys to enjoy down the line. And today IS THAT DAY !

Make sure you DO keep an eye open for Seinabo Sey when she comes by your town ! YOU MUST NOT MISS HER LIVE SHOW !

[title maintitle=”PRETEND | TRACKLIST” subtitle=”album out October 23rd 2015″]
  1. “Younger”
  2. “Pretend”
  3. “Poetic”
  4. “Hard Time”
  5. “Easy”
  6. “Words”
  7. “Sorry”
  8. “Who”
  9. “Still”
  10. “You”
  11. “Ruin”
  12. “Brutal”
  13. “Pistols at Dawn” (Bonus Track)
  14. “River” (Bonus Track)
  15. “Younger” (Kygo Remix) (Bonus Track)
  16. “Younger” (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)


Interview by Sophie. Additional intro by Sodwee.
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I was in the audience for your show. You were always thanking everyone song after song !

I had a really good time ! I wish I could have stayed out of the sun because I had to keep my shades on ! The audience was really nice.

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On your album, most of your songs deal with uncertainties and yet you express them with a very loud and clear voice. Is it a way to overcome them ?

Entirely. I guess I’m just saying things or advice that I wish people had given me. It’s absolutely about overcoming. It may sound like I have an answer but I don’t ! (laughing)

Burial is about your late father. What is the most important thing he taught you ?

First of all, one thing that I’ll remember all the time is that he used to say if people think you’re crazy they won’t mess with you. I thought that was so funny ! (laughing) Two, I guess my dad taught me to see things from perspectives and counting everyone’s perspective. To just try to understand why people are the way they are and not judge them. Before you judge, think about it for a while.

MØ once told me that growing up in Scandinavia was kind of difficult because countries there are quite rich so everything is taken care of … So people don’t really fight for anything. Do you agree ?

Absolutely. In a way, I haven’t thought about it like that but we’re definitely comfortable while other people in other parts of the world are really struggling.

You had a very interesting childhood !

Oh yeah ! I moved from Stockholm to Gambia and then back. I did that a couple of times. I learned French from 10 to 15 years old so I’m really good at spelling in French but I can’t pronounce it ! I was so scared to pronounce it. My dad was  from Senegal so I can understand it a little bit.

“All I knew about Neneh was Neneh cooking for us in her house and then I googled her…” – Seinabo Sey on Neneh Cherry…

There’s a huge music scene in Sweden so I wanted to know if you felt close to any artists in particular.

Yes, I mean there’s a huge music scene but we still kinda know each other so I’m pretty familiar with a lof of people but probably closer to a lot of people you probably don’t know of. My favourite singers would be Robyn or Lykke Li, they’re dope ! First Aid Kit is a brilliant band as well. I do definitely think we kinda help each other out, it’s a tiny country !

Would you recomment any bands ?

I recommend Zhala, she’s signed on Robyn’s label. She’s amazing. She makes me scared when she sings, I love her for that. Then, we have a rapper called Silvana Imam and she’s brilliant. She raps in Swedish and she’s signed on Refune Records, Sebastian Ingrosso‘s record label.

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Since we’re on a festival I wanted to know your best memory, either as a festival-goer or as an artist .

I don’t watch a lot of shows when I’m on festivals unfortunately. I played at Way Out West in Sweden last year, that was pretty brilliant. Glastonbury was such a disappointment to me. It’s bullshit ! (laughing)

If you were in charge of a festival, what would be your perfect line-up ?

Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé (laughing)Erykah Badu and Solange …. That’s a funny question, the line-up would be kinda widespread. I’d love to see Dirty Projectors and also R’n’B. But I could watch Beyoncé all day ! (laughing)

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I was at a festival in England this summer and I saw Neneh Cherry… (watch Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry here)

Neneh !!!

(laughing) you never mention her so I wanted to know if you liked her music !

I’m a bit too young to have really understood the magnitude of how incredibly famous and good she was. She’s the same age as my mom and I’m really good friends with her daughters, Mabel (check our introducing piece on Mabel) and Tyson. All I knew about Neneh was Neneh cooking for us in her house and then I googled her… « Oh shit ! » (laughing) She’s beautiful, she’s amazing and her daughters are so kind. The whole family is so talented and very nice people !

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Finally, Sodwee stands for Sound of the Week so what would be YOUR Sound of the Week ?

Let me check my phone… I listen to a lot of Chronixx so my sound of the week would be anything with Chronixx.

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