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Minneapolis (Minnesota) native Bo Weber reached out with his self-released debut album titled ‘Wendy’. A tribute album to his late mother who passed away from Ovarian Cancer at the early age of fifty years old, leaving Bo Weber to fight in her place and giving away 100% proceeds from physical sales to women currently battling the so called “Silent Killer”.

The album is coincidentally being released on Mother’s Day (the anglo-saxon date), on May 14th 2017. The entire collection of songs and recordings of his mother’s voice from voice machines, and other mediums is heart wrenching and heavy emotionally. Bo Weber used this time in the songwriting process and musical craftsmanship to escape the daily weight of having to be at his mother’s side and care for her. However in doing so, he’s poured so many emotional baggage into the tracks these can be quite draining just listening to them. The bonus audio clips inserted in between the tracks are a welcome spot of sunshine. Bringing light within the darkest moments of Bo‘s young life. A life riddled with heartache, anger and depression.

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However as the album moves forward, so does the artist. Through reading inspirational books left by his mother, Bo finally finds his purpose and rediscovers happiness through heartfelt pop songs such as ‘Gold’ or heavy ballads like ‘Heartbreaker’, two of the highlights present on the album.. ‘Wendy’ closes with a new light in sight and a tearful testimony by Bo himself in front of a captivated crowd.

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