French band Aglaska drop their new EP ‘Imaginaires de la catastrophe’

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Aglaska have been around the French scene for a few years now, and they’ve been perfecting their french and english sung, electronic-pop to near perfection. Today they drop their latest EP ‘Imaginaires de la catastrophe’ via Tigrane Records. And the result is a sharp kind of cutting edge, well produced, composed and executed piece of music. In our humble opinion, “Eole” stands out as the masterpiece amongst the four tracks. However “Kawasaki” is another of our clear favourites. It’s the perfect addition to a long commute to work. Works best while driving down the motorway to better pastures.

Sur les steppes, les galaxies, Aglaska vogue. Un bâteau ivre, longtemps sans cap, sans horizon. L’univers comme limite, l’imaginaire comme sextant. Celui de trois navigateurs rêveurs qui emmènent avec eux leurs auditeurs dans des pérégrinations sonores

The band will be performing live in a few days at these venues and we strongly recommend you get to see them blossom live. We also suggest you follow their online social estates for up to the minute information on their where abouts as well as latest music they put out. Expect a steady stream of the latter in the coming year.


March 24 @ Maison Sage | April 27 @ Boule Noire

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