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[dropcap letter=”A”]nother inboxed email I received today that needed a little “Introducing” because it sounds too good. Exotic Toy bringing chopped vocals, heavy basslines and great overall electro hip-hop composition with their debut single “Souvenir”.

We’re talking about a Parisian outfit again, a duo this time, singing in english and ready to take a piece of the Electronic – Hip-Hop scene with their dramatic tunes.

Ninon and Harold (their civil names) met not too long ago, half way in their respective musical careers. Ninon has background in performing arts, theatre and dance, influenced mainly by funk, hip-hop and electronic music. She also used to DJ under the moniker Circé Kalypso and sung in a funk band. She was a busy girl !

As for Harold, he’s a composer at heart and draws inspiration from trip-hop and electro music for the big part. He started back in 2009 when he founded his own label Track1-records and has worked with numerous artists like Isaac Delusion, Jimmy Colossimo and Coucou Bonjour to name just a few. He also writes/composes music for brands and adverts (Agnès B, Hermès, Dior, Lacoste, Evian, Replay etc.)…

We’ve had a taster for things to come and we can already say this is one pair of musicians to watch. Their debut EP will be released on October 29th preceded by this “Souvenir” single you can download free here. Go ahead, follow them !

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