Introducing : Wilsen

There’s a new band on the block. Producing some sweet post-folky-rock numbers with a hell a lot of substance, style and elegance right from the other side of the pond. Influenced by the likes of Austra, Nick Drake and Cat Power, New York-based Wilsen blend contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full intricate sound tagged “dream folk”. Wilsen self-released their debut mini-album ‘Sirens’ in the summer of 2012. Their debut single ‘Anahita’ was released in February 2013. New single ‘Dusk’ is released on the 10th June 2013. It comes backed by a cover of Grimes’ ‘Oblivion’ as the b-side. This band is turning the blogosphere into a frenzy as we speak. They dropped a cover of Grimes ‘Oblivion’ too for good measure. Another great tune by the way. Check them out, and keep your eyes peeled for their live appearances here in Paris and/or France… You wouldn’t want to miss them, trust me :

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