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It’s the legend, the myth behind much of Donna Summer’s huge disco success. Giorgio Moroder did most of his work in Munich and the influence of Düsseldorf’s Kraftwerk can be heard in his work for Donna Summer, which includes two of the ultimate disco anthems, I Feel Love and Love To Love You Baby. This was motorik music: spacious, trippy, ever-lasting, far removed from the relentless bounce of most disco. Giorgio Moroder is also a supreme composer of soundtracks, scoring an unlikely success with The Chase, the theme from Midnight Express, and his footprints are all over British synth-pop, from Pet Shop Boys to New Order to Human League. It was with the latter’s Phil Oakey that he got his biggest self-credited hit in 1984, Together In Electric Dreams.

Giorgio Moroder has hit the decks hard in New York, in the US for the first time ever. And we got the whole set for your pleasure here for stream & download :

Giorgio Moroder – Live @ Deep Space Giorgio Moroder – Live @ Deep Space / Output, NYC – 20.05.2013

Setlist :

  1. Intro
  2. Munich Machine – Munich Machine
  3. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
  4. Giorgio Moroder – Racer
  5. Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby
  6. Ministry Of Funk – Tuc Tuc
  7. Donna Summer – Bad Girls
  8. The Three Degrees – Jump The Gun
  9. Sparks – Beat The Clock
  10. Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You
  11. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2
  12. Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
  13. Suzi Lane – Harmony
  14. Giorgio Moroder – The Chase
  15. Donna Summer – On The Radio
  16. Donna Summer – I Feel Love
  17. Daft Punk – Giorgio
Giorgio Moroder - Sodwee.com - Deep Space NYC
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  1. I DJ’d in many bars before disco went mainstream and this was our music. EDM these days tries hard but it is a poor imitation. Having a computer program that writes songs for you does not make you a musician or a song writer.

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