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1469880_10152011462831077_1802471505_n[dropcap letter=”W”]ales, fronted by Samuel Aaron Bennett hails from Brooklyn in New York. Samuel is a filmmaker and composer based in New York. As well as directing films and commercial content, he sometimes scores them as well. Just recently, (under a week to be precise, and unearthed by Bastien on HH), Wales dropped a few tunes on his personal soundcloud profile for all to spin. It’s a totally random encounter, and a surprising one.

The “Wales” EP, his debut EP might I add, fits quite perfectly in what I make of New York, Brooklyn and the likes at this time of year. In early autumn. Leaves scattered around the streets, a fresh breeze, and a light drizzle. That’s exactly the kind of scene I would associate with his music. The perfect autumn taxi ride in the rain. Whether you be in New York, Paris or London. It just works. We also think his sounds would be a great addition to the upcoming score for GIRLS by Lena Dunham (HBO). End credits, you know that almighty “fade to black” with the soundtrack…

Anyway take a listen, spin those tunes and enjoy the rest of his soundcloud tracks as well as his visual work on his website.

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