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Was sent this track earlier this week. I gathered some strength to spin it once, then twice more and numerous times after that. I haven’t landed back yet to be honest with you. I’m still flying pretty high on the contents. High on that piano melody, high on the soul dripping from the lyrics and vocals on display. It’s a perfect debut track for a newcomer. Based out of London, Pablo Serrano also known as PBSR puts it all out on the table on “Volcano”, out on the famous Yucatan Records to which he’s the latest signee.

PBSR originally comes from Murcia on the South-East coast of Spain and was brought up by musically inclined parents, mother being a guitarist herself, they helped the young Pablo Serrano discover and cultivate a natural inclination for good music, from the likes of Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno to his first involvement in a band of his own during his teens. Where Serrano put his curiosity for producing and the recording equipment to work as he explains:

It was a beautiful and super exciting period where I tested out a thousand ways of discovering and shaping new ways of writing music, challenging the possibilities of my voice, creating textures with an old Ibanez Studio from 1980 that someone lent me, software synths, weird FXs, and an even older Windows XP that still works perfectly at the garage in my hometown. I uploaded some of the songs to Myspace – the social network of the time – and called it “Pabser” (acronym for Pablo Serrano). That was the beginning of PBSR.

PBSR spent some time between London and Madrid where he studied Music Technology, Composition and studying Creative Media Production. Enough baggage to get his credentials  where he needs them. Pablo Serrano is now based in Camberwell, writing and mixing music at his home studio.

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