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Still plenty to fight for, there’s no denying. Within the industry I currently evolve in, there has been some highlights, some scandals and polemics. At my level, I should note that Sodwee.com is very proud to have over 75% women at its core. All of them, highly independent and have their own views on this fundamental subject of our modern society. I’ll let them react or not to this status update. I’m not the one to usually jump into a discussion and state the obvious or become too politically driven, but I’m going to say that without women, this blog you like to read, hopefully regularly, wouldn’t exist.

Namely, SophieDearskye and Missy Scheinberg.

If you’d like to read a little more on the matter and the State Of The Music Industry today, please indulge in Hannah Thacker’s piece for HumanHuman, gathering plenty of quotes from around the music industry and depicting a rather encouraging and positive snapshot, some of the quotes come straight from our very own Dearskye and Missy Scheinberg themselves.

Also you should play the hits compiled in that playlist above. Another HumanHuman collection of tracks that illustrate this statement perfectly. Particularly the opening track :

We are proud to have the women we have in our team at Sodwee.com, proud of the work they produce and the added value they bring to the table, day in, and day out. We couldn’t be more thankful of course. I’d like to extend the gratitude to Mum too. As she’s pictured above and is the Uber Woman to have constantly supported this little ambitious venture of ours. [Luv’ ya Mum.]


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