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It’s that time of year again when, drizzle turns into snowflakes, when streets light up for Xmas season, when a Sunday afternoon is considered well spent indoors when it’s blisteringly cold out there. It’s also time for end of year lists by every single music press out there, blogs and music site do them too. To the point where they all chart the same friggin’ music. Pretty boring to me. However I use this time wisely to prepare whats coming next after everyone comes back from holidays, craving new music and golden nuggets. This is when I like to thrive.

But today, you can do the couch potato, because I have a brilliant selection from the past week or so. Sundaze #116 is packed to the rafters with dollops of awesomeness, some a little more mainstream, some more obscure source… Plenty to go by with in fact, and as always, it comes superbly illustrated by Paul Grelet and as .ZIP download for all your hungry musical musings… So go forth and grab yourself a copy !

Original artwork designed by Paul Grelet . We thank him again, and like every week, we cannot push you enough to give his portfolio a visit. He’s an ol’friend of ours and a great artist all round. We think highly of his work and friendship. So go forth and check his work out : www.paulgrelet.com

Either download the .ZIP file, listen/stream each track individually below, or even download ONE track or many by “right-clicking” then “saving target as” as you hover over the track list below… A normal click on a given track will play /stream it.

Sundaze #116

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