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Paris-based band Paradis are no strangers to Sodwee.com. We first heard them with the awesome remix of Alain Souchon‘s “La Ballade de Jim” : a track and legendary artist that are as much part of french culture and “folklore” as are the Eiffel Tower and the Baguette to Parisian culture…

We were at a friends gathering and have been following their progress ever since Pierre played that remix to us. And it’s no surprise the band has been ever so successful. The duo conquered many hearts and gathered quite a following since their debut. Now cruising at over 15,000 likes on Facebook and closing in on 10,000 followers on Soudcloud they’ve recently published the brilliant video directed by Daniel Brereton for “Sur Une Chanson En Français”. The latest track to drop from their upcoming EP out next January. The band is set to go global too, hence the signing to Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space label…

The video itself is shot around familiar local hotspots and other local dives where I usually hang out, cue La Java nightclub, Aux Folies bar in Belleville and well the whole of my neighborhood ! It portrays a ’68er’ woman (“Soixante-huitarde” as we call them here in France) going through her memories of the May 1968 student protests and their newly acquired freedoms, that have also redefined french culture among many other issues :

May 68 had a resounding impact on French society that would be felt for decades to come. It is considered to this day as a cultural, social and moral turning point in the history of the country. As Alain Geismar – one of the leaders of the time – later pointed out, the movement succeeded “as a social revolution, not as a political one.

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