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Alright. You’re probably wondering why the title of this blog post contains the Acronym C.R.E.A.M.. Well, I’ve been browsing through many useless, senseless pages of the world wide waste and stumbled across this “Best HipHop/Rap Acronyms to date” and thought this deserved some attention. I’d never been aware until now of these acronyms and to be honest I’m quite surprised ! Now what does CREAM stand for apart from being my favourite Prince (the artist) song ??! Well according to this site (sorry I’ve forgotten where it lies, and what the link is, but google it you’ll find it) C.R.E.A.M. stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Stunning, no ? Not really I agree, but experiencing my new living style, here in Dubai, it is very relevant. How many hidious Hummers have I come across ? How many Bentleys park along side my tower ? Far too many for a normal human being like me !

Otherwise, training is still carrying on as planned, we’re in the middle of First Aid and should expect an exam for this Thursday. It isn’t as interesting as the SEP, many topics we cover are common sense and are actually very boring. Been covering a wide range of sicknesses that can occur onboard an aircraft (ie Diabetes, Heart Attack…). For those who think that Cabin Crew are only robots that serve chicken along with a Gin & Tonic are totally wrong ! We’re here for your safety FIRST damn it! We’d most probably save your life in an emergency evacuation and/or if you happen to have a Heart Attack or anything life threatning we can overcome, you’d be happy to swing a nice little “thank you” our way ! Not to mention the crazy pregnant ladies that fly 36 weeks into their gestation and WE have to deliver their progeniture in the back galley with minimum equipment ! Yeah, you might not know that but we’re also trained to deliver babies.

So it’s intensive learning. All week. Non-stop. Thank God I’ve finished my homework so I can concentrate on studying things I didn’t quite assimilate during the day !

Otherwise the latest Raconteurs album as just dropped a few days ago. It’s weirdly named “Consolers Of The Lonely”. Another Jack White thing. Great rock album with catchy melodies, nice little ballads and some good ol’ guitar here and there ! Oh and for the first time in Raconteurs history, a piano appears in the album ! It’s a definite buy (or download, depends how cheap you are !).

The heat is getting us as the days go by ! The breeze makes a HUGE difference in the afternoon. Having three layers of clothing doesn’t help either.I’ve been receiving a lot of ‘thank you’ emails from people around the world about the information I’m giving out on this blog concerning the interview process and the open day thingy. I must thank you, yes you reading these lines at the moment for visiting this website. You’re the ones who push me to write even more ! Is it good ? I don’t know, but it certainly helps some of you guys ! If you can’t find the answers to your questions, please do send me an email and, within the limits of my knowledge, I’ll do my best to give you a quick response. But bare in mind, I’m not all the time in front of the computer and it should take around 2 days for you to get a email back !

We just arrived in Dubai and already we’re asked to take some holidays ! isn’t great !?? So I’ve got 12 days to take before the end of June. I’ll most probably come back home with the free ticket provided. But I’d also like to go east and visit my cousin in Thailand or even go straight to Japan (Tokyo). Providing I have enough cash to get there.

We’ll be graduating on the 24th of April, if everything goes to plan. Can’t wait now to reach this date! We’ll be rostered to fly and another important thing : we get our FACE card which will give us 50% off in clubs, bars, gyms and many other places like restaurants. Can’t wait.

Culturally we’re also learning a hell a lot of stuff just chatting and being with people from around the world, here’s a little summary of things I’ve learned in the past few weeks :

– swear words in Portuguese/Brazilian
– swear words in Afrikaans
– showing your teeth in Asian countries while you laugh is considered as rude (that’s why they cover their mouths when they crack up!)
– People are very different from one city to another in South Africa (Durban people differ greatly from Jo’burg or Pretoria people) per Hannah & Alicia from my class !
– Japanese love Hello Kitty & Spiderman
– All kinds of diets and eating patterns (main topic during lunch brakes with all the girls sitting around the table), this is when I usually turn my iPod on !!!
– Lebanese love to recap things !
– Philipinos laugh more than they talk.
– Koreans are very shy !
– Best clubs & bars around London (thanks to Mel who used to be an Ibiza Angel).
– South African people are very funny !
– They all have misconceptions about french people !

  1. Bonjour! Wow! Your blog is very informative! Thanks super! I hope I remember all the things you’ve written about the assessment day 🙂 I’ll have my assessment soon, I hope I’ll be lucky as yoU!

    By the way, good luck on your exams!

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