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When we like a band or artist we make it known. And it’s pretty much the case with FORMATION. This talented London duo made of two brothers surprised us and got a vigorous wiggle out of me when they first burst onto the scene in July with a limited White Label EP that included three original track, and my favorite to date still is “All The Rest Is Noise”.

However, having felt the possibilities presented before the south-London pair and their growing momentum, they took down any of their previously released material from the interwebs. Leaving newly acquired fans a little inconvenienced with an, albeit real good, Shura ‘Indecision’ remix on their Soundcloud profile. Fast forward to December, today, and they have now just dropped a Hans Lo directed video for a brand new track named “Young Ones” to accompany the announcement of the forthcoming second EP by FORMATION to be released in the New Year.

And the essence of their sound is still here. With Philly-Disco influences a plenty, pop-edge to the whole number and the duo’s signature percussions and fat basslines. Listen above and get hooked.

Wait for more soon, get acquuainted if you’re only discovering them, follow the social profiles. and listen further to their Shura remix… You’ll thank us later.

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