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We have only just recovered from the gentle aural assault andreas owens inflicted upon us with his previous single “Not Much (Better Than Before)”, helping any listener to purge any stress and ill-feeling in a misty, silky haze” as Jon put forward so eloquently back in May this year. Today the Los Angeles-based producer, singer and songwriter releases his 5-track debut EP, titled “almost everything I’ve ever wanted to say“. Channeling vulnerable and an intimate R&B pop sound bringing his protean and witty songwriting under the limelight once again.

‘almost everything I’ve ever wanted to say’ is truthfully that — it is in every way, nearly everything I’ve ever wanted to say musically, lyrically, sonically, experimentally, and emotionally. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to create and complete a work like this; something where I’ve sat in my room and slowly worked from beginning to end without any real goal in mind. Almost like I’m reading a book about my life, piecing together one experience after another but not quite knowing where or how the story ends.

Says Andreas Owens about his forthcoming 5-track debut EP

The mentality and overall vision behind andreas owens has been pretty different to that of “The Millennial Club”. Ironically, the biggest distinction between the two projects lies less in the final product, but more so within the creative process itself.

Doing away with the rigors of the ‘finished’ final product. This EP is more about how andreas owens got to the result. Focusing on the creative process. Not stressing into making a certain type of music, or sound signature, andreas owens brings a refreshing sense of freedom in his music: a genre-blending EP, reflecting his growth as an artist and laying the foundation for his future work as a songwriter and producer.

Take a listen to “Bad4You” and spin the amazing EP “almost everything I’ve ever wanted to say” today. Let us know in the comments what you thought and share around with friends…


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