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BOND struck me with the simplicity in the name. It stood out from the stream of email I was catching up on. It was simple, straight to the point. In BOND‘s case it held in two Soundcloud links, a rather pixelated illustration to break the monochromatic nature of the email body and these four simple lines:

Hello Ben,
We are a brand new project out of Los Angeles.
We have 3 songs on Soundcloud.
We’d love for you to give a listen.

After all the clutter I went through in the previous hours leading up to me opening that email. It was a welcome breath of fresh air. Enough for me to get my attention to settle on the two tracks the duo had on offer. Yes indeed, you see, BOND is a duo made up of singer Songwriter Brian Harding (Ex-COPS and roams solo as Blond Ambition) and now based out of Los Angeles along with Andrew Miller who plays guitar in Dum Dum Girls / Kristin Kontrol.

Both have been producing some rather tasty tracks of late and have enough material for an upcoming album. Which all sounds pretty exciting considering and taking into account what I was allowed to listen to. It’s a strong project with great, promising perspective and a few tricks up its sleeves. I strongly suggest you follow their Soundcloud profile and Instagram feed for up-to-date information on the newly formed duo from California. Spin tracks “Barbra” and “Use My Body” further down for a non-exhaustive sample of what is in store down the road. I was pleasantly surprised with the output and effort the pair have managed to put into the different tracks.

BOND currently have zero plans as they’re just starting the project; Other than making an album and finding a fitting record label to host them. They hope to make this a collaborative process with Brian & Andrew on production duties as well as writing but also having guests feature on vocals along the way.

“Think Chemical Bros Surrender meets Chic” – says Brian over email.

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Follow BOND on : Soundcloud | Instagram

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