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[dropcap letter=”C”]rown London producer, Clara La San, the queen of music mystery. Not much can be found about her, but a quick Google and Twitter search shows that she’s been in the industry for at least two years. Think of Clara La San‘s music as a night conversation between the wind and the stars. Her music portfolio is fantastically solid, and one for listeners who enjoy an ethereal spin on the R&B genre. She’s part of the GΔNG x FATALE family, a collective by Ra Ra and Neana that mixes amazing tracks with other producers like Basile.Neana, Bleaker and more.

Her most recent track, “Arizona,” is slightly reminiscent of Drake slowed down to a sensual pace and offers a good intro to the rest of her sound. Listen to Clara La San‘s parallel universe of a Justin Timberlake cover: “Rock Your Body” relieves the song from its made for charts hooks for a more liquid flow. Her production is confidently cohesive. And truth of the matter is, in addition to “In This Darkness” and “Let You Go,” her SoundCloud portfolio could be considered an impressive EP.




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