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It’s been a loooong weekend here in Paris. With the Pitchfork Festival now behind us, and with plenty of memories to sleep with… We’re happy to have seen EVERY artists on the bill this year. 2014 was a real good crop. The bill was much better, in comparison to last year’s efforts. A little more cohesion and much less wild cards to have to be force fed with. We have a few highlights though. On the top of my head, these were the clear class acts we witnessed: Future Islands, Jon Hopkins, Jamie XX, Caribou, Charlotte OC, Jessie Lanza, JUNGLE… and many more. This whole edition deserves a accolade. We’ll have a lot more to share with you in the coming hours as we select and upload the live pictures Sophie Jarry took… We’ll keep you posted.

However, here to share the latest edition of our ever popular playlist series for your Sunday… Sundaze #112 is finally ready with some great artwork by Paul Grelet to compliment the experience. Download the full package, or listen to MP3 individually below…

The artwork was designed by Paul Grelet . We thank him again, and like every week, we cannot push you enough to give his portfolio a visit. He’s a ol’friend of ours and a great artist all round. We think highly of his work and friendship. So go forth and check his work out.

Either download the .ZIP file, listen/stream each track individually below, or even download ONE track or many by “right-clicking” then “saving target as” as you hover over the track list below… A normal click on a given track will play /stream it.

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Sundaze #112

[button content=”DOWNLOAD SUNDAZE #112″ color=”yellow” text=”black” url=”http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/51954497/file.html” openin=”_blank”]

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