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You’re maybe no stranger to Live // Learn, they’ve already been in the limelight for two weeks with their previous track called “Filth”. Today they come back to us with a new song called “Rails”.

You’ll find a chaotic, yet brilliant vocal performance by Joe Savage, mixing beautifully dark, obscur arrangements and rhythmics of the backing band to a near perfect, albeit intriguing songwriting capabilities. It’s a right old blend of influences, blurred in the creative process to finally be spat right back at you (in a nice way) in the rawest fashion with their own distinctive sound. It’s a young band with amazing potential. A band somewhat “Prégnant” (in French, something that is durable, stable, here to stay, something expressive, dominant.).

The two tracks feature on the band’s forthcoming debut EP, out later this year on Unit 6 Records.
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