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This is one to wake the neighbors with.

Darrell Simms – a Florida born, Swedish raised, and now L.A. based rapper – isn’t pulling a single goddamn punch on his brand new song “Elements”. The track is nothing short of a supercharged, certified slapper, begging to be pumped through your car stereo as loudly as possible, while still packing enough lyrical prowess to be well worth the listen on lower volumes.

Regarding his mindset for the track, Darrell had this to say:

It’s about drawing on negative and positive elements in your life such as, friends, family, fear, failure and success. I wrote it when I was angry, mostly for being taken for granted as a rapper / artist – not having my lyrical contributions taken seriously.

While the intensity of that anger certainly comes across on “Elements”, so too does Darrell’s pursuit of recognition for his bars. Any subpar rapper could hop on an instrumental of this magnitude and call it a day, but few, if any, could match Darrell’s personality and wit, which turn this hard beat into so much more. Lines like, “I got the Hennessy. I got the remedy. I need a bad bitch from here to São Paulo and down to the Medellín”, mix with a delivery style that’s so thoroughly infectious, that it leaves your mouth in the shape of an “ooh”…

Darrell’s project, Wilcox Ave., is on the way – so now’s the time to get familiar, before all of your friends hear about him. In that sense, invest in your future: press play on “Elements”.

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