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It’s election weekend here in France, and as every time it’s just going to be a clusterfuck of things. It’s Friday night, and I’m still listening to quality music dropping through the inbox. A constant stream of seriously good tracks I really really want to showcase. But let’s face it, I have limited willpower and very limited grey cells left to function at a decent rhythm. But nonetheless I’d like to put forth to you my dear readers, a selection of those tracks that have struck a chord with me in the past week. But for lack of time I’ll list them below for you to enjoy. So sit back, relax and enjoy those quality jams we like to call Cloud Droppings

[title maintitle=”CLOUD DROPPINGS” subtitle=”The 5 tracks we just couldn’t leave behind”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”JOYWAVE”]

Rochester alternative band Joywave announced their sophomore studio album titled Content, release their first single ”It’s A Trip!” today… The album Content is produced by Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster & Sean Donnelly, mixed by Rich Costey and will be drop on Hollywood Records/Cultco Music on August 28th.[/tab] [tab title=”COUSIN KULA”]

Bristol (UK) based, the six piece explore psychedelic soundscapes, mixing pop vocals, breezy analog synths and powerful guitars. ‘What you Know’ was produced by Oli Baldwin (PJ Harvey) at J&J Studios.[/tab] [tab title=”NILUFER YANYA”]

A freeze frame moment, ‘Golden Cage’ captures that sense of being caught up in something, but having no desire to walk out. “On reflection you see it for what it really is – a trap – but when you’re in it, everything seems so perfect and you’re not paying attention to much else,” Nilüfer rounds off.[/tab] [tab title=”LYNETTE WILLIAMS”]

Harlem (NYC) based Lynette Williams stormed our inbox way back in January with her second EP ‘Love Thee, Not Chaos’ and we somehow missed it (so sorry). However, she’s back with ‘Light’ a new track that has the brilliance and allure we love here at Sodwee.com HQ Lynette managed to keep it right with her through the whole track. She’s an upcoming singer-songwriter and is known to bring audience members to tears: We absolutely need to see her perform live.[/tab] [tab title=”BILLLY”]

We uncovered Billly way back when he released ‘Up In The Air’ to critical acclaim. We couldn’t pass and be M.I.A. this time around with this new single he just dropped called ‘Locked In’. A carefully balanced blend of some A.K. Paul synth lines as well as a generous serving of his signature vocals to round things off nicely. Listen… It’s a great tune.[/tab] [/tabgroup]


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