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You might have heard us rave about Oko Ebombo before. He’s is a Parisian born sing-songwriter, dancer, actor, artist and will be showcasing is latest EP ‘Naked Life’ on the 10th of March 2017 at La Boule Noire in Paris. We swiftly scored two (2) pairs of tickets for you to enjoy and attend his show. Check out the classy tracks of the emerging talent below and his ‘Naked Life’ video which was shot in and around my very own neighborhood here in the heart of the 19th district. It also seems Oko Ebombo lives here across the canal from me. But that’s a wild guess !

Anyway, simply leave your details below to enter the giveaway, and we’ll contact the winners roughly a week before the actual gig. Thanks again and good luck.

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Directed by Oko Ebombo 
Image : Simon Elephant 
Edit : Simon Elephant et Kobe Kanty 
Titles : Adulte Adulte 
Specials thanks to Simon Cato et Alice Martins
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Follow Oko Ebombo on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Vimeo

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