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Having cut his teeth on electronic music, Crywolf is breaking new ground for himself with a show stopping new acoustic track titled “Weight”. So organic and so piercingly emotional, it’s the ideal song to turn a lonely Valentine’s Day into a devastatingly lonely Valentine’s Day. But hey, everybody needs a good cry.

I’m scared you’ll leave me in the ground

“Weight” is the antithesis to the overly stark acoustic ballad – striking a tremendous balance between cold emptiness and vast lushness. For every chilly, lonesome verse vocal, there’s a parallel moment of goose bump inducing choral harmony, all tied together by the woozy howl of a lap steel guitar. Lyrically, Crywolf pours his heart out here, with a seemingly universal account of unrequited love that lies somewhere between bittersweet and devastating.

“When I truly fall for someone, I can’t get them out of my heart for a decade”, he writes in the song’s YouTube description, “Sometimes I can almost physically feel the weight of every love I’ve known, pressing down on my shoulders”.

We may only be in February, but “Weight” has every opportunity to end up gracing 2017’s top tracks lists. If Crywolf manages to reach these kinds of explorative heights across the entirety of his upcoming “Skeletons” EP; well, tissues may be in order.

Feel something. Press play.

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