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OOhhhhh dear. Another night, another nightclub. It’s way too cheap here to not go out. Especially when Emirates pays for our drinks, that’s when it gets even better. Plan B (the club in Wafi City) was our destination tonight, and boy did it rock. DJ played some good ol’ tunes mixed with some commercial goodness. But it wasn’t about the music, but much about who was there dancing their booty along with me ! Can I only thank the new french connections here, Matt Landers, Dali, Samir, Fred (et sa copine), Greg, Nivine, Matt and the lovely Celia [ 😉 ]. This was a night to be proud of. It started very nicely, I had some quick dinner at Wagamama (again, gotta love that Katsu Chicken Curry with Japo rice !!). Then went onto 21st to meet the french gang so we could move on to Plan B as quick as we could. It’s the place that every Thursday night is packed with newly graduated Emirates Staff. They get free drinks all night long. If you’re lucky enough and you know someone from the happy batches, then you’re in for a hell of a night drinking on behalf of Emirates !! It cannot get better ! Anyways, that’s all from me. I just came back and I have great difficulty in putting these letters into an understandable order… Check out the pictures :


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