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Hum. How can I say. Well I think this was the best layover so far. Our trip started in briefing room, even before our briefing we were trying to organise a safari (which never occured) and everyone was happy to go there. Which makes a big difference with the karma on-board. The crew was really nice, big-up to Nancy, Nabila, Tamara, Bridget, Celishia, Fabian and Asami ! A really good mix of funny people with great team spirit ! Easy flight out to Kuala Lumpur, even with a full load and an even easier sector from KUL to Jakarta (Indonesia), we wee only seving 100 people all together. We landed safely. We boarded the crew bus that takes us to our hotel set in palm trees, a luxuriant flora. The rooms were spacious and the pool was dreamy ! My thing is to have a couple beers before even trying to get to bed, so that it knocks you down after a 10 hour flight. Even better when you’re sat by the pool on one of the deck chairs with your iPod screwed on… The next day I went into the city, for some shopping and a stroll round. It was clammy and humid, 29°C. Lovely weather. Walking around in the street was a little awkward thought because every single person was looking straight at me as if I was guilty of something so I by the time I had reach the mall I had enough and decided to go back to the hotel.

Treated myself to the expert hands of a masseuse for a 2 hour non-stop massage, complete with Chocolate spread, salt exfoliating and moisturizing rub. Loved it so much I fell asleep during the whole process ! wow I was feeling good after that. Especially the chocolate par, where the chocolate mixture gets dry and cracks under your movements, nice sensation. I then enjoyed some bobbing around in the pool and it was time to go to bed for our returning double sector.

Came back to CBC (crew briefing center) and managed to get my roster for June. Happy all around, I have NO TURNAROUNDS WHAT SO EVER ! Got 2 Paris flights, one Singapore – Melbourne and a Milan – Nice double sector ! I’m thrilled, I’ll be able to catch up with Mum, Dad & nick as well as my mates in Paris, see my all new Zen Style bedroom and just get a feel of the beautiful shit weather there !

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  1. Coucou, tes photos à Jakarta st canons! Il y a quelque chose qui m’inquiete , ton planning du mois de juin est vidissime, ça fait pas beaucoup d’heures de vol non? dc paye basse? ET on m’a parlé d’un systeme informatique, ds lequel tu entre tn numero demployé… et qui te permettrai d’echanger des vols et meme d’en rajouter à ton planning de base, on t’en a parlé? Enfin pendant les selections on nous a dit que nous n’aurions pas de vacances avant 6 mois, mais je vois que tu en as ds 3 weeks, c le top, mais comment ça se fait? Pr moi c J-3, merci, bizouxxx

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