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Hey boys, girls. It’s me – again – hope you’re doing well. I was invited to see 3 bands yesterday. Three bands performing at the same venue on the same night. That usually never happens. So without a second thought I dived in the tube and rolled my sorry-self to L’alimentation Generale with high hopes of good music. And I did find great music, plus a band I’d never heard of before yesterday. Before detailing a little more about them, shout out to Albert Fallen & Sauvage whom we covered a while ago for the first, and just over a week ago for the latter.

Onto what you’ve clicked here for : Motion Of Hips. A band made of Guilhem on vocals, Eliott on the guitar, Lucas on the bass and finally Benoit behind the drums. The ensemble delivers some real fresh, delicate pop music to whomever wants a listen. They have a refreshing live presence and really come alive during their performance on stage. Listen to their track ‘Politic’ below, and just relax while doing the washing up or something of that importance. You will just zone out. Not many bands achieve that. They totally do. Their first EP will out just before summer and we cannot wait :

They also happen to be crowd-funding for some lighting to include in their future shows, and with your help, they’d like to equip themselves to produce a fuller live experience on stage, here’s the video brief :

HELP MOTION OF HIPS FINANCE THEIR EQUIPMENT, in return, get to hear their new tracks and more… click here

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.