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It usually takes a few minutes, maybe a few hours, to dive in a new just discovered talent, soaking up all the intricacies of the art and the music. However, for Project Maldonado, it merely took a few seconds. From the start of his track ‘Seraphim’ (which we started with) we totally knew we were in for something super special. Thanks to HumanHuman & Nicolas from Camel&lions for unearthing such a wonderful act it is with great pride that I introduce you my fellow french citizens to Project Maldonado :

“The Devil does to me what joy does to sorrow”

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We offer you today the very latest of progressive, alternative, electronic soul. The kind of perfect set of tracks to linger in the background while you give yourself entirely to the morphing process that is drooling on your pillow case, or for the luckiest of us, giving yourself to an entire real person during an impromptu intercourse… Give this EP a listen, it’s definitely worth it because of the music but also because it’s an all six senses kinda experience, you gotta read, watch and feel your way through this project via the website : http://projectmaldonado.com

Stream the 4 track EP :

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